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Miditel has been specialized in software development since 1991. In 1999 we have expanded our business profile to include professional and high bandwidth web services. Miditel is privately owned and completely debt-free. At present, our customers span the globe residing in over 50 countries.
Miditel team is comprised of highly qualified and talented professionals with diverse backgrounds converging into a powerful mix for providing valuable solutions. They are all out to offer unparalleled service to our customers and satisfy their needs. Every request you might have will be considered and fulfilled, if reasonable.

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Web Apps and skills

Web Home Pages

A Web site is a powerful tool for both individuals and businesses. It enables you to efficiently reach and provide services to customers across the globe, generate more revenue, increase efficiency, enhance customer service, and improve communications.

Web Dynamic

Miditel creates custom-made dynamic site, using its own software to create content management systems that can contain all kinds of information Graphic layouts are always very flexible, and the resulting website will be compatible with the Internet's accessibility standards.


By employing Miditel as your Web host, you can quickly, easily and affordably launch, run and maintain one or more websites for your business. Our 24/7 network monitoring, 99.9% server uptime, and our always-on support team combine to produce rock-solid reliability

Support and Feedback

Miditel team grants full 365/7/24 support. Response times and actions taken to resolve client support requests are based on an assessment of the impact of the reported technical issue on your business. The more serious the business impact, the higher the assigned priority.